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Musebox: [community profile] gwaloth!

Check it out if we RP in a game together and/or you want to start an AU with me. It's open membership/open posting. The more, the merrier!

And just to keep track - I am currently in the following games with the following characters:

[community profile] driftfleet ✿ Maedhros Fëanorian [personal profile] castintoflames & Claire "Lightning" Farron [personal profile] soulsflight

[community profile] empatheias ✿ Earl Ciel Phantomhive [personal profile] cieled

[community profile] faderift ✿ Maedhros Fëanorian [personal profile] castintoflames

[community profile] hadriel ✿ Celebrimbor [personal profile] handofsilver, Anakin Skywalker [personal profile] prophesiedone & Sansa Stark [personal profile] stonebird

[community profile] maskormenace ✿ Anakin Skywalker [personal profile] prophesiedone & King Thranduil [personal profile] tauraran

[community profile] thefarshore ✿ Sansa Stark [personal profile] stonebird & Earl Ciel Phantomhive [personal profile] cieled